Stellar and Lunar: 18 February

Today, I mentally drafted this post. Didn’t quite go so far as to actually write it, but that’s no matter. I remembered to make a sticky-note with the idea, so it’s all good.

That not-plan thing has been coming to pass, so I think that’s an appropriate theme for the night. It wasn’t technically a plan which I made, as such – it was more something that got set in motion and confirmed. So. I’m finishing up my job contract at the Place I am now, and returning to my first WorkPlace. I’m a temp; the first contract was supposed to run six weeks and became nearly six months.

Anyway. I’m going to sort out paperwork with the Recruitment Agency, which I enjoy very much, and on Tuesday I begin my new-old job. I’m still not quite sure why it’s Tuesday, instead of Monday, but I find I don’t mind.

I’m also planning my next Etsy Monday and several new ideas I have. (Incidentally, even full-timing at this job, I will have slightly more disposable time)

Okay. I think that’s about all of the day-to-day.

On last week’s challenge, Nitin Nair shared a poem about burning ambition. This, I confess, was the first theme which popped into my head, and it’s done very nicely here.

Your new prompt for the week (18 -25 February) is posterity.


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