burning (150)

infinity spans the back of my eyelids; running through time, i’m blazing a path into the ground under my heels. time is fluid, mine to manipulate and weave around me, creating a cloak that i wear and tear daily. it’s easy to skip through, accelerating through the dull patches. watch me work, will you? i need only a few measures of time, though i won’t tell you what they are. i just need your records, consolidated with my own for posterity.

(you won’t tell anyone, will you?)

leave me my work now; time is running thin, melting into oxygen – it’s enough to breathe now, but it’s burning up too fast. i’m burning up; need a compress. (need you to slow time a few more measures; can you do it?) watch me; see the scorch marks?

they’re the trail i have left you.


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