Etsy Monday: Rainbow iPod Sock

I like to knit, when I get the time. Admittedly, this is perhaps once per week and also I’m not such a quick knitter that I can finish an item in an evening, much to my chagrin. Or dismay, whichever word you prefer. I like both equally.

Thus, I am featuring an older item, one of the first I ever made.

iPod sock, the better to keep the iPod warm on a cold day. Why should humans get all the cool socks?

Storytime! (It is Monday, and Monday is always a good day for a story)

When I first got into my head the idea for an Etsy store, I wandered out to my favourite craft store and bought random bundles of wool. Among the selection were three or four kinds like this one: a single ball with, as you see, four colours in it. I was, as you can probably imagine, delighted. The magic. The patterns.

The potential. 

If memory serves, and it usually does, I was caught between the bright red and the green that would’ve been too much on its own, the blue that I would quite like in its own separate offering and the happy yellow.

I’m indecisive like that.

It was like buying a giant canvas and tubes of paint (oh yeah, did that too) or thick slabs of plain white paper and pens (cough) and saying “Here, Creative Spirit, is An Offering. Go nuts.”

So I went and bought several others like this, made a rough outline based on the size of my iPod and then-mobile (since traded in for a cuter model). I knit this up, sewed it and voila. My first little project was complete.

And then I found other dazzling colours of wool that I loved and dearly wanted, so acquired those too… and here we are. Some of them are in completed little iPod/smartphone socks, others are waiting to be done.

You can find the full info on this item here.


5 thoughts on “Etsy Monday: Rainbow iPod Sock”

    1. Thank you! The brightness is part of what drew me to the colour – that, and not having to try and decide between four lovely colours.

      This item is for sale on the Etsy store, though it’s more suited to an iPod Touch -I have linked to it at the bottom of this post. If the Xperia L is a different size, I can do a new item that’s more suited to the size – I’d just need the dimensions 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I need to find that tape to measure…Lol! It’s great to see you do many things except writing.. Keep it up 🙂


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