Creature of Habit

It’s technically been a long week, and more literally a short week, but I’ve been staring down a blank screen for an hour and it feels like there’s a wall between my computer screen and the creative writing I have stockpiled. Or, you know, the drafts and ideas I have going. (All 7,132 of them, it feels like)

Daily Prompt it is then.

Quirky habits… I’m just going to focus on what I like, rather than dislike. Finish the week on a high note and all.

My favourite “quirky habit” is creativity. When I was younger, I used to be a bit weird deliberately, and people would tell me to stop being weird. Nowadays, I use it as a barometer for friends – the good ones will take the weird with the calm, and even join in.

For me, when trying to make friends, the willingness to create or participate in (legal) shenanigans is vital. I think there’s something quite charming about being a Sensible Adult but also being a bit… I don’t quite know the word. Forgive the cliche and the pompousness, please, but the only thing I can really think of is the je ne said quoi. 

You know, being all sensible, taking your car for checkups and having a job and all that – then doing something that doesn’t quite fit into that grown-up template? That. Having some kind of quirk is what gives a person a soul, I think, or at least adds something fun to the soul.

So… yeah. I suppose the best way to phrase this is that my favourite “quirky habit” is… allowing yourself to be quirky.

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