Stellar and Lunar: 11 February

It’s the weekend! Also, it isn’t. We had another long weekend this past week, so my mind’s gone a bit strange. I’m seeing timetables where they aren’t.

I also have that not-plan thing coming to pass, which is nice. More detail on that for the next Wildcard day, whenever that may be. Monday, if I don’t manage to finish an Etsy piece.

I’m always reading, but this time the paperback of choice is The House of Mirth. Wholly unrelated to the House of Usher, but quite enjoyable. I only manage to read a few pages at a time, much to my chagrin; I miss the times I got to sit with a book and read until… well, you know. Late. Ahem. I suppose then again, this is what a weekend is for. (Is it my fault a book is engrossing and I don’t notice chapters flying by? I have what I refer to as Chapter Discrepancy Habit)

Nonetheless, I spy with my little eye Themes and References and Significant Things. I think there’s no longer any such thing as casual reading. Ever.

Okay. Back on track. I’ll save the book-chatter for a rainy day. Unless, of course, you ask and then I’m morally obligated to talk books.

Your prompt for the week (11 – 18 February) is burning. 

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