Food and Life

Okay, I’m employing Wildcard Monday again. I’m sure this was supposed to be Etsy Monday, but also it was a public holiday. Threw my schedule out of whack, not to mention the hour I spent writing fan-fiction.

So, daily prompt it is.

I love food, or at least the consuming thereof. I don’t know I’d go so far as to say I live to eat; I like experimenting with recipes in free time and conjuring up something new (generally around the times that we have blue moons nowadays), but I do enjoy thinking about what could make a meal great. I guess I’m a casual foodie.

As to how far I’d go for a meal that’s truly great: well, I think no further than inter-city. Wandering off to another country for dinner – or any other meal – sounds a bit too much, for my taste.


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