January: A Summary

Again, I’m running low on time and inspiration. This is partially inaccurate, because I have a thousand ideas (and that’s actually probably not far off, as guesses go) but I seem to have an eternal block with writing.

There’s the notebooks filled with fan-fiction ideas, and the drafts saved on here. There’s ideas on my phone and iPod, listed under titles such as 48623; that’s not to reflect the number of the idea, but the miscellaneous numbers used to set each idea aside from one another.

Huh. It’s 16 minutes until midnight, and that means 16 minutes until February.

I thought I’d do a summary of the month so far. As yet, not much remarkable has happened. I’ve been learning to drive, but also been out sick for several days. So far, I’ve not yet updated any of the fan-fics I have in-progress, and I’ve not done as much creative work on here or my novels.

So, to summarize: it’s been a slow month.


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