A Computerless Day

I’m sick (again) so you get a Daily Prompt answer (again).

Turns out I’m low on iron and there’s some random little virus at home in my body. Hurray!

Anyway. Once I stopped staring silently at the cursor, I tried to picture life without my computer. Here’s a breakdown (no, not that sort)

TV. Admittedly, not a big part of my life to begin. At any given time I might watch… ooh, let’s say two different series. Tiny part of life. The thing is that I don’t have a TV. A few years ago we went over to some magical digital-TV thingy, and I didn’t upgrade because I watch so little TV I couldn’t justify the money. End result? I watch the few things I do watch… online. With a computer.

Reading. I wolf down thousands of words online. Fan-fiction, eBooks – I began cycling out paper books for eBooks trying to conserve precious physical space. Still hasn’t worked, but also Kobo is a devious little gremlin, and books are my weak spot. It also means books are more portable than ever; I used to have an hour’s commute home, and can pick from 2,000 eBooks.

Writing. My handwriting starts bad and goes atrocious. I’ve basically mastered cursive, which means that on a good day I can just about decipher it. In a rush though – gone to the dogs. Typing, on the other hand… hello my old nemesis Spellcheck. Take NaNoWriMo – total mess, sloppy typing all over the shop. I run Spellcheck, all those errors can be corrected inside of two hours, and that’s if I deliberate over words and synonyms.
Subset: blogging, because a) see above and b) see above.

Banking and shopping. Twofold, I’m weary. I remember back in the old days, when I’d go to the bank – you had to carry money, in all its little denominations, all separated neatly and know how much it was. Ha. Online banking wins. One neat email about Your Paycheck, one deposit – boom. Done. Shopping: I’m lazy. Also, time-poor. Increasingly moreso on the latter, in fact. I prefer the convenience of buying online at any time of day, having it shipped, and not having to worry until it turns up. Easier than going instore, often with bad audio, and being pounced on.

So. Overall, it’s a whole lot more convenient with a computer. Much quicker, much easier, and sometimes a lot more fun.

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