The Wrimo

Last night, as I lay awake thanks to the humidity, I had an idea.

Lately I’ve been thinking that I was accidentally, and quite unintentionally, writing a prequel to my murder-mystery NaNoWriMo.

Only, something in the dark of midnight, or the recesses of my mind, inspired this new idea. (I blame the cold meds; I’ve managed to catch another virus which has sapped my voice and replaced it with a headache. Second one in six weeks)

Anyway. I decided what I would do is a short story; no more than a novella. Less than 20,000 words, I think, though I don’t quite know the full story in this one yet. I think this one would be the prequel; I’ve already killed the prologue I had going in the actual novel. Didn’t like it enough to keep it around.

Okay. That’s about it for tonight: I’m sick, which makes my brain much slower.

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