poetry 101 rehab: roots

grow old
with me, you said.
pressed a vial into
my palm. this will help.

blue-crystal liquid sparkled –
you caught my wrist when i
tried to bring it to
the light.
light exposure harms it,
you said.

so you watched me drink;
doubtless, enraptured.

and we never stopped
to put roots down.
no – we roamed aimlessly,
centuries trailing us in the dust.
we put down roots
you said.

then it wore off,
filtering away from you.
your bloodstream ran

so i remained on.
time to lay down my
own history.

(see here;
this preview of
what’s yet to come)

2 thoughts on “poetry 101 rehab: roots”

  1. This is amazing.
    You absolutely caught me within your words, breathing in the raw emotion you filled your poem with.

    I admire your writing style. It’s really becoming you and it’s deeply touching.


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