Scholarly Nature

Monday = daily prompt day.

What’s life without whimsy, after all?

So, yeah, learning style. I’m a dyed-in-the-wool reader, solitary as solitary. I learn by the written word. Photos or pictures work too, kind of: with words, I can untangle the hell out of them. If there’s a difficult sentence staring up at me, I like to tear it apart, rip out all the words and replace them with synonyms.

Images work, to an extent – only, the extent there is that I get distracted looking for secret symbols and meanings. Have you ever heard the joke about the author, the writer, and the blue curtains? It’s like that.

In saying that, words stick. I like to adopt tricky new words, learn their pronounciation and definitions, that sort of thing. I read something, it follows me around. Two or three readings of something, there’s a bit of low-grade memorizing going on. It’s kind of awesome.

Ooh. I mustn’t forget music. Something about music traps itself in my brain for many days, enhanced only by the repeated listens. Now I think on it, I should probably go and download some more German-lyric music.

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