New Year, New Schedule

It’s taken a few days – er, couple of weeks, but I’ve finally come up with a semi-decent schedule that makes me happy.

(And by this, I mean I am winging it)

In the interest of accountability, I’ve decided to share this timetable with you. Apparently, that’s a good thing to do when setting goals – tell people, so they can Hold You Accountable and stuff.

So. The schedule:

Monday. This one is a bit of an odd duck, and also a wildcard. It’ll be the one where I probably cave and do another of these miscellaneous-day posts.

Tuesday. I take part in a micro-challenge: micro-story, micro poem. They’ll make a pleasant counter to the second day of the work-week; ideal, to write a bite-sized piece of something when tired.

Wednesday. Another poetry challenge, this one is the very delightful Poetry 101 Rehab. Also, I’ve decided with both this one and the one above to write every week, even if the challenge doesn’t speak to me.

Thursday. Stellar and Lunar day, this is the day I dream up a new prompt and scrabble to post it at the last minute.

Friday. A while back I had Flash Fiction Friday, where I composed missives under 500 words. There’s the Literary Lion prompt; my own tiny stories. Again, a tiny story suits the time of week.

Saturday. I was going to call this another wildcard day, but then it occurred to me that this is the perfect place to expand and work on my Faux Landlords series.

Sunday. Another day of poetry, this is the ideal time of the week, I find, for another poetry challenge; this time it’s a haiku challenge I’ve taken part in sporadically for a while.

And there you have it. Let’s go forth and blog. One of my many goals is to make 2016 my best blog year yet.


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