Week 1: A Summary

Okay. It’s Friday, legitimately Friday, no more sneaky day-tricks.

I’ve been able to idle over this post because I get to sleep in two hours tomorrow: I have another driving lesson. I figured this would be as good a time as any to recap the first week (and one day) of the year.

Novels planned: Four. Three, if you take away the one I’ve got semi-planned with a friend. On second thought: three novels, planned out solo.

Bilingual puns: One? Maybe two. I’m quite pleased with this, but also bewildered because that occurs in Franglish (French/English, and I do not speak French. Je parlais Francais pas . 

Seriously, I studied German for about ten years. You’d think the brain department would catch up with the program.

Dream-hallucination scenes: One. This was in the drowsy waking/sleeping phase, if you’ve ever been caught between sleep and wakefulness you’ll know the one I mean. After assessing every movie I could think of, I concluded it was not a movie scene, nor a theatre scene, and that I had conjured it from nowhere. My ideas don’t usually come to me in visuals.

eBooks downloaded: Hm, let’s not go there. Forget I mentioned it.

Drafts saved to the draft-queue: About six. I stopped counting after the fourth one the other day. All up, it’s at 21.

And you – how was your week? Has it been an auspicious start to 2016?


2 thoughts on “Week 1: A Summary”

  1. 2016 start was good but one of my old demons has surfaced again- having to deal with the office bully again, and I don’t like confrontations- so having a confrontation is my devil now and it is taking a toll on me.


  2. It’s been good. Have been hitting my writing marks. I’m still struggling with keeping up with my WP feed. I follow a lot of people and try to get to everyone’s posts. Time a precious thing. I got my bike fixed so I can get some good exercise and find new places to photograph. Still learning my new camera, but that’s a fun process.


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