Coffee Experiment

I would say that coffee, in several lovely forms, is my favourite vice. I’m one of those generally straitlaced people, but coffee is its own special brand of magic.

Also, please forgive that this is a Daily Prompt and not other fiction-magic. I’ve got a sneaking headache and an increasing gratitude that I don’t have any job that requires working to deadline (unless I mean the semi-crazy ones I place for myself). I just did that thing I do, where I type five words into the drafts and then save it. I’m up to 19 drafts, and sleep is beckoning.

Anyway. When I first began working, there was a cafe on the corner. My employer had a kitchenette, stocked with coffee. Do you see where this is going? I quickly came to resent paying $4 for a mediocre mocha (and cloying chai) so did the sensible thing: I took to making the best use of the instant in the kitchenette.

It got to be daily routine, sometimes multiple times per day. What can I say, I’m stingy with money like that. It all cruised along fine, then one day I got concerned about sensible things like caffeine and sleep, so stopped.

Just like that. The next day I poured a cup of cold water and took it to my desk, staring resentfully at it. Cold. Watery. Bland. It stopped being cold quickly, grew tepid and I hated it.

Eventually that job contract ran out, and I got another one. This job – my current job – has coffee machines. It takes about 30 seconds to make me a lovely coffee that suits all my requirements: free, quick to obtain, hot enough to drink right away without scalding my mouth.

So… yeah. The stopping-coffee permanently thing didn’t work out, but I’ve come to conclude I do love a good cup anyway. I’m also quite sure it goes hand-in-hand with being a writer; something about it stimulates my brain cells even more. (Hey… maybe there’s an idea)

4 thoughts on “Coffee Experiment”

  1. I feel your pain… I’ve grown used to good quality coffee and when I was trying to cut down the expenses, I found out that cheaper coffee tastes horrible to me now 😦 Good that you’ve got a coffee machine at work!


  2. I have other vices for sure, but coffee has always been there, the drink of the gods. Back in the 90’s when I was working for this one state-wide non-profit, I was the one to keep the coffee going in the office and known my constantly filled cup of coffee (I like coffee that has gone cold as much as hot coffee, so by the afternoon I just would sip on it, unlike the pounding it down in the morning). After I left for another job, I came back to visit a couple months later. The receptionist told me that the coffee company had in the past given the office the coffee machine free because we went through so much coffee. After I left they said they weren’t going through enough coffee and began charging them a rental fee for the coffee machine. Who says one person can’t make a difference.

    I would add I lived in Seattle during my teen years, and my friends and I were doing espresso shots at the beginning of 80’s to get the buzz.

    Recently came across this WP post from one of the blogs I follow on the health benefits of coffee,

    “These latest findings also suggest that the antioxidants present in coffee can also lower the risk of heart disease and cirrhosis of the liver. Coffee contains hundreds of components including substantial amounts of chlorogenic acid, caffeine, magnesium, potassium, vitamin B3, trigonelline and lignans. Chlorogenic acid has been shown in animal experiments to reduce glucose concentrations; coffee also contains tannin, which is beneficial for heart and arteries.”


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