Return to Regularity

Okay. I’ve finally begun to figure stuff out.

Turns out that a long weekend, one in which there are more than two days off work, really screws up my mind. I’m fairly sure of what day it is, but not enough so that I’m adhering to any kind of blog schedule.

Instead, I’m working on a new Etsy item. There’s very little in the way of writing going on, but the fact of not having work tomorrow means I get an extra day for Etsy work. Given enough time, I could probably work on the basis for three items and finish up tomorrow. The long weekend just means I can stay up late and work on them, guilt-free.

As to the rest of the blogging, I anticipate a return to my semi-regular postings on Tuesday.

(And tomorrow, if the work goes well, you guys get photos)


2 thoughts on “Return to Regularity”

    1. Thanks! I try to post daily, but there’s no regularity as to content 😦

      Etsy’s an online store site, is the best description of it. I guess it’s like TradeMe or Ebay, you list items (often handmade) and sell them through there. I think the items in question can be premade – like a book – but handmade’s a huge part. My store link is up top of the ‘pages’ if you’re interested 🙂

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