Mischief, Day 2

Not the most clever title, I grant you. Sorry.

Today I’m thinking about all the things I’m plotting to get done and the rest of my to-do list. The list includes, but is not limited to: fifteen drafts on here; a canvas for my Etsy store; new items for my Etsy store full stop; work on three (two and a half?) novels and also some new original fiction.

Oh, and fanfiction.

It’s beginning to feel a whole lot like I need to begin scheduling and blocking out every inch of time that I have. I now have a day-planner, which helps, but it’s the kind which is dividing every day into half-hour gaps. I’m beginning to feel the need to block in every day with Things To Get Done, and also buy some highlighters just for extra colour-coding mayhem.

The upside is, it doesn’t leave any time for boredom, which is always nice. I get bored very easily.

(Just so you know, there’ll be a few more of these soul-searching posts over the next few days – probably until I return to work, at which point the routine will return)

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