So the calendar has been reset and the first day of January is drawing to a close.

This would’ve been a fiction piece, but since it’s a long weekend I’m not entirely sure what day it is, and also, I wanted to do a year-recap thing. I wonder if it’s a bit late for a 2015 highlights reel now, so instead I’m going to look to the future.

Please note these are not resolutions, just a bit of a game plan.

I plan to write harder. I’ve got two novel series-es planned out from previous NaNoWriMo’s. There’s two manuscripts both in Draft 1 stage; I think it’s time I haul them off the cyber shelf, clean them up and have Draft 2 by the end of the year. Also, if anyone remembers me talking about fifteen months ago about a collaborative novel effort with a friend… we’ve decided to revive that.

Following on from write harder, I also plan to blog harder. I want to keep the habit going that I’ve been developing since April – you know the one where I blog daily? That. (And as a sub-goal to this one, I want to keep taking the blog along the same route; I have created three schedules, each one evolving off the last, and am still working on that)

Restore life to my Etsy store and figure out a purpose for the stack of canvases stashed under my bookcase. More art. More craft.

My driver’s licence. Bit of an odd duck after the last three, but it’s a necessary enough thing. In NZ we have three stages to the licencing system. I’m still on Stage 1, which for my age isn’t great. I need a whole lot more driving practice before I can test for Stage 2, so… there you have it. Game plan.

Work. Last year, I got my first job (temp contract, which subsequently ran out) and then my second. I’m hoping to not be the sort of person who hops from job to job every few months – fun that might be, but not terribly practical, I fear.

How about you – what’s your game plan for the year?

1 thought on “Reset”

  1. For me, blog-wise, is to sustain my current pace over the past four or five months, which has developed into at least one post a day, sometimes as many as three. I just got myself a new digital camera, 100x better than what I had, so now I need to actually learn what all the setting work so I can spend less time touching them up in the editing phase, and capturing better what I intend to capture. It is easy to start to many other types of writing projects, so I need to just buckle down and focus on my poetry, which with all the various forms and such is plenty.

    I have pondered whether to put together an e-book, or do self publishing for a collection of new and revised poems and photographs. Like you said, it isn’t resolutions, but a game plan, one subject to revision, additions and subtractions. In fact I have a draft post entitled “Resolve to Resolve,” which basically is the commitment to daily (or close to daily) to treat each day like it is the new year, reflecting back and looking forward. I have so much going on writing and reading other people’s posts, I have left myself no time to read “books” (fiction, non-fiction). I’m not making a resolution to read ten books this year, but to resolve to make the effort, to reflect upon what is keeping me from reading a book, where it fits in my priorities, carving out time for it in the future, etc. As long as I do that, the number of books isn’t important.

    The last thing would be to get out and get some physical exercise. This isn’t about losing weight or putting on muscles, but to get myself away from the computer (the original reason I started doing photography last year) and get the endorphin flow going and clear the mind. Along this front, I have considered learning Tai chi, which would also have a positive mental health facet and give the subconscious a chance to bubble to the surface (which will help artistically).

    Thanks for the question prompt. Nice to just get it written out for the first time, instead of just rolling around in my head.



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