poetry 101 rehab: odyssey

just drive.

the key sticks
in the ignition, roughly –
engine catches,
rumbling to lie.
the fuel gage
is low.

(in this context,
e is such a

the road is
years of traversing it
behind me.

(the road in front
of me is nothing

the road speeds by
under the wheels:
wearing out.

(journey with
end date)

sirens shriek by
otherwise, the road is

tyres chew up the ground
leaving cracks and
battered paint lines.

(not worn out
just yet)

the radio fades in.
quiet crackling, static,
serves as background

(daylight is burning up
and the road is
the ashes)


4 thoughts on “poetry 101 rehab: odyssey”

  1. Great poem as usual ! I was reminded of my driving experience yesterday when I was burning the tarmac, very slowly, playing truant from work, doing an errand, when an errant truck struck my car from the behind. The net result is the car is reduced to a pulp, the lorry lost a front light and my car struck another car on the next lane. All three of us drivers lived to tell the tale– to the police and now my car, which suffered the worst damage, lies, alone, untended and locked, exposed to the elements and to road roughies, until such time as the insurance people can come to make a full assessment.


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