another beginning (150)

the night draws closer to its midway point, awash in sparkles falling from fireworks and long slender flutes of a select drink.

there’s a hush in the air, one that’s lifting as the clock ticks on, glittering drinks and shining lights keeping the night awake, keeping sleep at bay. the city isn’t tired, yet.

anticipation thrills through veins, racing through blood, thrumming through the music playing. there’s some kind of secret tonight, a secret shared by hundreds as if it’s just the best kind ever and no-one wants to keep it.

(no-one wants to be the one to spill it)

hours melt into minutes, sand running through an invisible hourglass watched over as people prepare themselves, resolutions on their lips and firework stars in their eyes. it’s a tale old as time, and they lap it up every time.

(they don’t yet realize it’s just another beginning)

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