Question Time

Ugh, I fear I’m slipping back into old habits: posting about the mundane things and bypassing the creative writing which this blog is supposed to centre on.

I have, at this point, an overabundance of ideas. A couple of weeks I sat down, phone in hand at tea break, and just typed all these stray little ideas into the “memo pad”. I’ve got half-baked ideas tapped into my iPod notes, and the occasional tissue box with stray words scribbled on them.

This is not a new thing for me. Nor is the lack of time in which I can do these things. I’ve begun to notice that for all the ideas I have, there’s always some block in which I’m unable to flesh them out into proper stories/poems. A big portion of that block is time itself; once I remove things like work and sleep and necessary eating/chores time, I might get a couple of hours left in the day.

My query for you then, is: how do you make the time to keep on working on a novel/short story when you really only have a couple of hours per day? Where do you scrounge up dead time in the day that could be used?

3 thoughts on “Question Time”

  1. I am not writing a novel/short story currently and don’t think I have the brains or patience to write either.
    But from a blogging perspective, I can tell you how I make time to read and comment on posts.
    1. If I am not in the mood for reading and commenting, I have made a promise to myself to read only 5 posts at a time and comment on each of them, unless it does not touch me in some way. This makes life a lot easier for me, because my blog friends know I am alive and keeping track of them.:)
    2. Whenever I feel bored, I write a few lines- it keeps me grounded. The few lines will be a minimum of 100 words- so my suggestion, is target yourself for a 100 words at a time. After a while, you may be able to make it 200 words at a time and go on from there.


  2. I get held up in the mornings by some endless droning on that I don’t care about so I quiet my mind and let thoughts flow. As soon as it stops, I grab a notepad and write everything down. At home, if I have an idea, I’ll dictate notes into my iPhone. I leave notes waiting around until I have more time to revive and polish them. I find that doing a little bit at a time on each idea works best.


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