Sick Day

… Which, incidentally, today was owing to my spontaneous coughing/throaty misery. I’ve perked up some, owing to an alarmingly neon green cough syrup and doctor-prescribed antibiotics. Turns out it’s a throat infection. Anyway, the timing and subject of this daily prompt is very well-placed, which is why you are getting this and not a piece of creative writing.

*casts a suspicious look at the Daily Prompt elves*

Days like this, when I’m crook, I like to be on my own to relax and heal. I tend to find a lot of stimulus just venturing outside; no need to put myself through that when I’m coughing every three minutes and measuring out a teeny-tiny capful of green stuff.

(Tell me, what does grenadine taste like?)

I don’t know why. I suppose the idea is that I’m not super-sick: at it’s base line, it’s just a cough and dry throat. I can fix up toasted sandwiches and paracetamol and lounge around all wrapped up warmly. Also, I’m stubborn and like to at least try to be self-sufficient.

If I was really sick – say, feverish or hallucinating – that’d be the getting-help thing.

And on this note, I intend working tomorrow so I shall leave this here.

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