Stage 7 of “Adulting”

I write this from my sickbed (by that I mean the bed on which I am sporadically reclining whilst sick). I’m not terribly sick, but enough so that I got a bottle of hideous-tasting cough syrup in a bid to soothe my throat.

*coughs and hacks*

So today I had a driving lesson. I’d put off driving since I was old enough to have a licence, but it’s becoming unavoidable. It’s like a new little mantra: need licence, need to drive.

It was my first-ever lesson. I learned the basics today, I think.

Driving is… not anywhere as intimidating as I thought it would be. It’s still very strange, but a little bit less so.

I’ll end here for tonight as I really don’t have a coherent thought left and I’m worn out. Tomorrow should be a poetry Sunday as usual.


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