Midnight Oil

This was going to be a flash fiction, but for the fact that I’m very tired and also a bit sick. I’ve had a sore throat developing for two days; it has shown up and kicked in the door.

So a prompt it is.

I’m totally a night owl. At least, on the days I manage to get work done. By this, I mean “every night that I come home from my real job and do writing.”

(And, er, on the regular days too. You know, weekends)

This reasoning is simple: I only have the nighttime to get writing done. I don’t have a job that requires me to drag around paperwork for after-hours; I can clear any clutter off my desk and wander on home. My schedule looks like this, most days:

Monday – Friday. Start at 6:25, come home anywhere between 5:30 and 6:30. Dinner takes up some time, then you have to subtract another seven-nine hours for sleep.

Not much time is left over for fun things (reading, writing). On weekends I’ll happily stay up longer, but that doesn’t happen as much as it used to. Before I was working a steady job (read: at all) I kind of threw caution to the wind and kept all kinds of strange hours. Now, though, I prefer to do my writing in the evenings.

Even on the weekends, now I think on it. It’s easy for me to stay awake, ideas flowing – during the day I’m inspired by everything, but at night I get the energy and courage to put ideas down in more concrete places. Most nights I get a second wind and suddenly run off with ideas. My NaNoWriMo can attest to this.

Oddly, I don’t know if I have a most productive time of day, mainly because I work and it feels like it’s a fairly productive kind of job, and then I come home and do other stuff.

I guess the most productive time is my waking hours?

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