a curiosity in irony (150)

the world around me glitters, lights flashing and burning in my eyes. my mascara is running, it’s too hot for comfort up here.

time spins through my fingers, twirling and unfolding as my comrades and i move, interacting and intersecting, breaking into the new world we’ve created.

(breaking in the new world)

even amidst a group of people i’m on my own, isolated by the lights, the heavy makeup that shields my smallest expressions and enhances the showy motions.

this is a new story, but still old – new to us, new here tonight. every night, it’s made different by atmosphere and people and even the strangest most incongruous of things have an impact. it’s a dream world, one everyone is invited to, and only few see.

(i lied. it’s a new story to me, too.

i wonder, dear viewer, what it is you know tonight that i do not?)

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