Stellar and Lunar, 10 December

Hello all!

Last week I got back on board the Stellar and Lunar train… I’m still fine-tuning it, but it’s all just kind of playing it by ear. I’ve found that trying to be Efficient and Plan Things Out never works.

While on the topic of fine-tuning: I will no longer be collecting the links for a roundup. I used to do this, but it stole quite a bit of time, and I am selfishly hoarding all the time I can scrounge together. Simply, it’s because I run through 11 hours of the day just going to and from work. I don’t quite have a great deal of time anymore.

I will keep every post related to the blog challenge alive, so you can still find them in places. This just allows me a bit more time to play with. (If I can’t do Planning Things Out, I can at least have Efficiency)

So. Your new challenge (10 December) is renaissance.


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