a rainy night (150)

she ran, heels slipping and clattering over the wet footpath. rain blurred her vision, melding streetlights and car lights into patches she didn’t see until it was nearly too late.

blisters had formed several streets ago, and she could feel the leather against her skin – now sodden, still stiff. not for the first time, she cursed herself for not taking time to break them in beforehand.

pausing on what seemed to be a street corner, she considered simply swiping them off her feet, going barefoot. only, she didn’t have the time to pause, and they were her last defense against the sharpness of the pavement.

tears mingled on her face with rainwater as she kept running, crossing the street to a medley of traffic horns.

it wasn’t supposed to have been like this, wasn’t supposed to have turned out like this.

she wasn’t supposed to be running for her life.


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