All of Two Hours

So, you guys might have known that yesterday was my last day of my first-ever job.

It was a quiet day, just the same as usual. The day ended not with a bang; not even with a whimper. All in all, I was kind of pleased with the lack of fuss. I’m not the sort of person who can be social like that, so it was a relief to me that it wasn’t going to happen all socially.

I trundled on home, dumped my bag and waited on my recruitment consultant person to call. Basically, she is the middle-woman between me and a job. On Thursday we had a conversation like this:

Her: So there’s a job going at This Place which starts on Monday. Shall I put you forward for it? *details about the job*

Me: Yes please. I’ll send you my updated CV to put forward.

Her: Should have news for you tomorrow.

Me: Yay! Great, thanks!

Okay, so this happened. I did as stated and sent her my CV. I suppose she forwarded it on and told them about me. On Friday afternoon, probably 25 hours after this conversation, and less than two hours after I’d left work… she called.

I got the job.

I was unemployed for all of two hours.


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