Venturing Offline

I couldn’t be unplugged from WordPress. Not any longer, now that I’ve taken so many pains to blog every day. 

I’ve posted every day since late April. No way am I breaking that. With this in mind, I’d turn my eye to unwinding from other sites. Generally, Facebook is first to go. If I restart my computer, it shuts everything down and then I have to log back in. It’s super annoying, and I made it all the more annoying to have to log into my Facebook account.

It works well enough.

As to when it’s time to shut down the screens… well, that comes about when I’m bored of looking at the same things. I get tired of the same news sites, there’s no TV I want to watch, and I’m not inspired to read/write anything more (blog excluded). The biggest factor tends to be iTunes: right now, I cannot use iTunes, because I ran an update on it. I now need to restart the computer, but that’s deeply inconvenient because I am impatient and life is short.

Once this happens the computer is put away and a book is picked up. Often, this is at night time; sleepytime, more specifically.

I might light a candle to ease my eyes into winding down, but that puts a kibosh on reading. I play music on my iPod or try to ready for bed; write something on paper. Knit, or make something. Back to useful things, as it were. Occasionally I go swimming, and I’m intending taking up running once the weather clears a bit.

It’s a bit difficult because my job is basically 100% computer screen, but then I come home to do my personal stuff on my own computer. It all adds up to a lot of screen hours, which I think makes it easier to step away.

Now I’m thinking on it, I might learn meditation.

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