on quiet

ideas swirl through
my being,
not unlike snowflakes –
now you see them.

now you don’t.

and thoughts are a chaser
collecting new ideas
as they
appear –
best to record them.

communication is
a new lack of methods
and the inclination
leaves again.

(twist the words,
bend them to your mind
and compel them to
work within your

2 thoughts on “on quiet”

  1. Or just the freedom of the mind without any boundaries…

    It could be easier somezimes nethertheless.

    Greetings from Germany 🙂


    1. Mm… freedom of the mind. I like that concept, and the idea of no boundaries. I suspect, however, if my mind were freer then I would be spending far more time in poetry than I do already.

      I don’t think my employer would like that a great deal.

      Grusse aus Neuseeland 🙂


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