So titled for the sake of a title. A title for title’s sake. After what felt like positively hours of wracking my brain for a fun new creative writing piece, I gave up and set the timer to ten minutes.

I’m not inspired tonight, and I think I’ve pinpointed why, so let’s clear out the cobwebs and hit tomorrow afresh.

This afternoon, I was told that my work contract is finished, nearly. Two more weeks, and I’m off the employee roll. It was quite disappointing: I’d been hoping to move to another section of the workplace, stay on longer. It kind of feels like failing a test.

At the same time, I guess I should’ve expected it. My contract, the initial deal, was only ever six weeks long. Six weeks became eight, became two months… this was July/August and I’m only just now getting ready to clear my desk and slip out the back, Jack.

No, wait, I don’t know where the back is. Crap.

I’m also blocked because of all the ideas that keep running into and through my head. A while ago I set up some app with a million different pages for different stories, and then I mapped stuff out. Only, I had the brilliant idea to do NaNoWriMo first, which meant a level of reading… er, research, first. That was cool.

And of course, now I have a 50,000 word draft to clean up, give a timeline and rework at least five things on top of the ideas already. My brain does this wonderful thing where I keep having ideas and then I just have to grab the nearest item for writing crap down, and make a scribbly note.

My brain gets cluttered.

Still, it’s the weekend coming up, and that might afford me more time to write things that are not novels. One thing I’ve learned: if you get up at 6:15am often enough, sleep-ins become a ruined thing.

How do you guys deal with one million and five ideas leaping in faster than you can properly write them?

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