Absence From Writing

For Day 9 of Writing 101

I’ve thrown all caution to the wind, chucked the schedule out the window and torn up my imaginary guidelines. I decided to simply do this thing out of order, partially for my own amusement when I come back and have to reassess which ones I haven’t done. Also, I got bored of staring at three different assignments trying to decide which one appealed.

So here we have it.

I’m a part-time writer; once I take away a chunk of the day for work/commute and sleep, there’s not much time left and there are pesky chores.

I keep meaning to invent a chores robot, but there’s not time for that either.

Anyway. I’ve found over the past six months, I can’t not write. I get all tense and twitchy-fingers if I don’t. Having just done NaNoWriMo in a marathon effort, I’m back to not writing several hours per day. I’m fitting this post in between getting ready for bed and browsing the news. This month, when I didn’t do any Wrimo-ing for three days, I felt very out-of-sorts.

I didn’t like it.

When I came back to the keyboard, it was like a sigh of relief.

So to balance it all… well, the obvious is work. I don’t work in any kind of writing job, which breaks it all up. (Only, even then I’m scribbling ideas/tiny stories in a journal or typing them into my phone if it’s a lunch break.)

For calming balance, I like to swim, and now that I have several more free hours per day I intend running as well. Also, I’m partial to baking and crafts, and I’m plotting what sounds like a day of craft with a friend.

I read a lot, which actually just culminates in more ideas to write. My brain will then say to me “Look at all these wonderful ideas! Aren’t they great?” and who am I to refuse?

What is a writer with nothing to write, after all?

To refresh the writings, sometimes I like to change up the routine. Regulars around here may be wondering “what routine?” which is fair as I wrote up two schedules and since threw them both away. It’s new to my brain to do a Daily Prompt when the order of the day is a poem.

With more time in the day, I’d likely do more substantial stories, the hundred or thousand word type. I’d work on the novel, but that’s already at 50k so I’m stepping back from it right now.

So… I don’t much like to take breaks from writing, preferring to slot it into little snippets of time that I can grab at random.

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