A Notice

This is just going to be a super-quick announcement, a two-parter. Part one, things around this blog are going back to normal tomorrow. I’m going to be back in the routine, whatever I remember of it, blogging daily and catching up on Writing 101 prompts. Argh, I think I’m about four days behind.

This leads me neatly to part two, as to why things will be back to normal:

This morning (ahem) I completed NaNoWriMo, clocking in at 50,381 words.

It is 15 November.

The other night I kind of… went nuts, I guess, and marathoned the whole thing, maybe about 4-5k in one night.

Just a little something to admire.
Just a little something to admire.

I’ve not yet entered the stage of bragging yet, but I have sensibly backed it up on two USB’s and will add it to my Google Docs. Thing is… it’s still not finished. I hit 50k, and began the happy dance, but also I still have to write some kind of final resolution, you know the clean-up after the Really Scary Thing happens, give the town a name and establish a supporting character’s name.

It happened that I gave her one name to introduce her in, and then randomly, completely unthinkingly, changed it. I have no idea when or why. I still don’t know a whole lot about my characters and there’s at least one other person who needs to be given more dimensions to his character.

Still. That 50k is sitting there quite happy, and the next thing is to shrink down the document via font, and clean the whole thing up of it’s horrible spelling. I think this is going to be the first Novel.

Rock on November.


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