Monday, Disguised

Today is Monday.

But! I tell a lie. It is not Monday, but Sunday.

You see, I worked my first Sunday-shift, and the mind-tricks have begun. I am deeply used to working Monday-Friday. When I arose today, having first woken at 5:03am, I thought “It’s Monday.” Logically, I knew it was not.

Less logically, I felt that it was, it should be and that tomorrow is Tuesday.

The mind-trickery has continued into the fact that it is truly nearly Monday and I am thinking it’s not.

My hours differed today, too: started and finished late, meaning… well, there wasn’t quite so much time for my after-work mischief. There was, however, time for the NaNo elves to go ahead, to run off and let words run wild. Apparently there is a literary saying that you “kill your darlings” and I am leading up to this.

Oops. Was that a spoiler?

Day 6 of writing. Current word count: 21,564.

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