As If It Were A Secret

Checking in for Day 3 of Writing 101: Single word prompt.

I’m picking secret.

I like secrets. Not the deep dark life-threatening kind, or the Pretty Little Liars kind. What I like about secrets is how they’re hidden – I know. Hideously obvious.

It’s their nature though, the way you can make anything like a secret. Or you can make something into a secret.

The best kind of secret is a literary one. Have you ever read a book and pondered for ages after, the meaning of a sentence or a word or symbol or anything at all?

Yes? So have I. This is the kind of secret I like, where you have to work a little harder to decipher things and then you’re rewarded with this little bout of understanding. It’s like… like being in a dark room, and you can’t see the light switch so you jab and pat the wall, skate your fingertips over the wall and eventually hit the light switch panel with your bony knuckle.

Suddenly there’s light and it hurt a bit and was frustrating as all hell, but you got there.

I like to weave secrets into my writing too, add in secret little details that you think are totally nonsensical/strange/mysterious. Chances are, they’re not so mysterious.

It’s all there for a reason.

(This is short, and possibly not entirely developed, but I’m not going to make it a super-wordy NaNoNight tonight – need some rest and still am chasing words over there.)


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