The Wrimo Is In Residence

I know, I’m completely mucking up anything that ever resembled a blog schedule.

To think, I was so pleased with myself when I first created it – all eager plans and mischief.

Ha. Not that I mind – well, I suppose I do mind a little bit, but anyway. The past is past. I promise I’ll bring you my set of haiku tomorrow.

Today, it’s the first of November. Just pause for a moment, breathe. Let that absorb. It’s November. I know, because I watched with anticipation the clock jump to midnight. I saw midnight, I saw 2am, and I was profoundly grateful I didn’t have work today.

I also began NaNoWriMo. (again)

Well. It… I actually had no goddamn clue what I’d write; just that I’d write something. As things stand it’s 9:30pm and I’ve so far clocked in 5584 words. That’s, what, eleven percent? I don’t even know how it happened. I’ve been writing on and off all day, watching the Twitter birds flip through time zones and fly off to write their own works.

Last night, at like 11:30, I said to myself, I need a plan. I cannot simply scrabble together a plot, unlike in years gone by. I am trying a new genre. I am Trying New Things.

So I drew up a few boxes on a bit of paper, scribbled a few notes and went off and wrote. Thus far, I don’t much like my MC’s name (wouldn’t you just know it?) and I wrote the conflict that should have actually happened in another few chapters from now.

I was going to give you Advice, from someone who has done NaNoWriMo a few times before, but I didn’t think this through. Do you guys want an advice blog sometime?

(And I do have to work tomorrow, so I think I’ll try to break 6,000 and then have sleeps.)

Update: Day 1, total word count: 7082.

2 thoughts on “The Wrimo Is In Residence”

    1. Danke sehr! Ich weiss genug Deutsch (lesen, schreiben und sprechen) die meistens Ihrer Blog-Artikel zu verstehen.

      Leider habe ich nicht der Zeit ein solcher Artikel zu schriebe, aber ich danke Ihnen.

      (Und ich entschuldige mich; meinem Deutsch ist nicht so toll)


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