Sticky Situation

Well, right now I consider this a sticky situation: my computer has kicked me out.

I was happily working away, and then it kind of just went HA HA HA NOPE. I don’t even have the BSOD, because it’s just being flat-out annoying and I don’t dare do too much lest it crash entirely.

Also, you might’ve noticed this is not a Word Crush Wednesday. I’m taking the week off due to aforementioned computer problems and trying to type this on a stupid smartphone that likes to auto-correct words trying to prove how clever it is.

Please forgive any stray typos. 

I’ve closed kobo. I’ve closed iTunes and still nothing works. It’s been maybe half an hour since the computer threw a tantrum and now I’m about ready for a tantrum. I did not know that it could feel so miserable, not having a happily-responsive computer but apparently, it does. It is. 

Sorry. I’m not generally one to use a blog as a rant, or complaint section, but there you have it.


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