The Would-Be Writer

I feel like this is a non non-sequitur.

Today, the Daily Prompt elves ask after favourite methods of creative expression, and if we like to do one or more of the things in a little list.

Yes. Yes, goddamnit. Yes, a thousand times yes.

Sorry. Was that a bit too punchy?

Ah, what the hell. It’s Tuesday night, and I literally just dropped my pen from composing a poem. Hang on, I need to add a last last line. No, I tell a lie, I don’t. Any more would be excessive.

Quite possibly, I yapped on at length about writing as my Top Magical Creationist Thing last night, but that was 24 hours ago and I do remember being really wordy. Oh yes, now I remember. I am not the only one with Tuesdayitis, I am sure.

Where was I?

Ooh. Right. So I’m definitely into creation via the written word – here, I note the NaNoWriMos gathering cyberdust and the various blog posts that form an unbroken line of words. The fanfictions that are carefully ordered on another site. I once had the intent to do a bit of addition and see how many words I’ve put into fanfiction over the years. Still intend, if I’m honest.

There’s also my secondary option: music. I’m not a songwriter, and I couldn’t carry a tune if you stuck it in my bag in Tupperware, but the listening-to of music. I think there’s creativeness there because if you were to look through my playlists you might get an idea of what I’m like. If you listened to them, you definitely would. I like creating playlists and hunting out new music, new songs and lyrics to fill in imaginary gaps.

In theory, I also like to paint and not-in-theory, I really like knitting. I’m still learning the finer points of knitwork and scrounging together an understanding of crochet (hmph) to make pretty things that may not be entirely useful but hopefully still look lovely.

Crap, we’ve got wordy again, so I think that’s about it for a Tuesday night.

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