A Life-Changing Blog

I bet you guys can guess what life-changing magic I’d like to attain from blogging. Regular readers, for sure… even those of you who are new here might have an idea.

Go on, have a guess. 

(I was going to do some clever thing where I revealed the answer at the end of the post for the sake of Suspense, but I’m about to go to sleep. Also, I just spent ages stabbing at my computer’s iTunes controls when in fact I’m listening to my iPod, so that should give you an idea of imminent sleeps.)

I’d like the life-changing thing which stems from my blog to be writing success. Did you guess that? If so, you get cookies.

This is in fact why I began blogging in the first place, almost… four years? ago. I wanted to build readership, and incidentally the year I began blogging was probably the year I did my first NaNoWriMo… yes, I think it was. I was seeking criticism for my writings, and even though there were slow lazy patches where I posted nothing at all for long stretches of time, I’m doing this better now.

I sought a bit of an outlet: here, I control what I’m writing. My blog posts do not mutate themselves off into temporally-screwed up pieces of fiction.

(Here’s lookin’ at you, NaNoWriMo 2014. *raises teacup in salute*)

I also sought a bit of writing routine and challenges. I sought an Etsy store and something to dangle under the noses of potential publishers. Basically, I would like a lot of things, and blogging began as my stepping stone towards a writing career.

I feel like – as I have felt for some years now – that I could publish novels to my heart’s content online. I could do the totally self-published route (only “selfie” I will ever take, thankyouverymuch) but I feel blogging would be a link between me and readers.

And who knows, maybe the blog would be the tipping point between success and quietly scribbling in journals.

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