Reworking The Schedule, Part 17

Okay, maybe not necessarily 17 parts… maybe four. I’m given to hyperbole.

Last week I banged on about how I was streamlining my Stellar and Lunar event so that basically it’d be easier to collect the links. By the way, once I’m done here I intend to go off and post the new one – I’ll add it on Twitter, for the sake of tweetyness.

This left me with a blank space in my schedule, and the realization bugged me most of the day. What would I post next? I can’t have one day free; that’s what Saturdays are for. It would drive me mad to have two days free of schedule.

I got to thinking, as I am wont to do.

Art. I studied art history for a few semesters, and always enjoyed it. Every Thursday I’m going to pick a painting and ramble about it. Why I like it, what appeals to me…. Art Thursday it is.


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