Stellar and Lunar, Reworked

Okay, you guys. Stellar and Lunar is back on track. I was “away” last week after a bout of gentle bloodletting, which… ugh, sleepy. Sleepy kitty.

In the meantime, I’ve been pondering how to rework my Stellar and Lunar events. My goal was to make it more streamlined, because while the current plan works it doesn’t feel efficient.

I’m big on efficiency.

Anyway, so far I’ve been running around gathering links every Thursday evening, but if that becomes impractical I fear missing out a post. Every week I hold off pending comments to the last possible hour on Thursdays for fear of missing someone’s post. I’m also using each Thursday’s prompt as a post in and of itself. It does not feel like the elegant neat way to do things.

Therefore, the new plan is this.

Every week I will update the Stellar and Lunar page with the new prompt. All you need to do is create a pingback to that, and I shall approve it. I’ve seen this done elsewhere, and all that happens is the oldest comments get moved aside as new ones are put in place. (To pingback, simply include a link to the page in your post’s text. You can either dress it up fancy with words like I’ve done above, or just leave the link as basic http)

Okay… I think that’s it, so time for the last roundup and then I’m going to move on to update the page. I shall tweet the new challenges as they go up.

From Little Calico’s Journal, a response to the pictorial challenge.

And from solsdottir, a snippet of Dante.

Apologies if I missed your post – just give me a yell and I’ll see to it.

And over to the page.

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