Word Crush Wednesday: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

So today I learned I still have a job next week. Right now it’s kind of going week-to-week, and it’s very nerve-wracking. My contract began in July as a six-weeker, but it’s been almost a full twelve weeks and I’m still there.

It’s good. I’m aimlessly saving money for a mystery thing, I don’t know what yet. I’m getting valuable work experience and generally I like what I’m doing. It feels productive.

It’s also very nearly October, I took to Twitter earlier to express my dismay. It can’t be October because then it’s November and I haven’t planned a thing for NaNoWriMo. I’m not ready for any of that, I think I was muttering about how I have three (completely different) novels planned and now I’m going to have to span them out over 2015 and 2016. It’s the most logical thing to do, sadly, otherwise they might find me curled up over a computer in the lunchroom, draining coffee into my bloodstream and battering the keyboard.

Anyway. This brings me to my quote of the week:

The biggest problem with every art is by the use of appearance to create a loftier reality.

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