Mystery Monday

Today’s blog post is a mystery even to me because I don’t know what the topic is.

I’m still awaiting news on possible work extension, and planning out three new novels for the next year, eighteen months. They will all be utterly different and I may need a psuedonym for one, but who knows.

I definitely plan to do one during NaNoWriMo – I think I’m going to have to table the one I had planned and just use NaNoWriMo as a draft for one of the others.

Lately it’s starting to feel like my inspiration is running dry a little bit, I don’t know what else to post. It’s very annoying, because I’m a perfectionist and I don’t want to just upload nonsense every day. Maybe I’ll take up photos, just miscellaneous or mundane or mystery photos once a week.

Huh. That’s really alliterative.

I do worry though, what if all the events I do strip me of creative powers? What if I’m just setting myself up for relying on weekly prompts to get something done? What if in the end I’m just writing twice a week and they’re just in response to…?

Hey. There’s a thought, a regular update on how the writing is all going. If I do that it’ll serve as motivation to actually carve out writing time every day, real writing not just a few words hammered into a blog.

Okay. I’m off to make plans.

1 thought on “Mystery Monday”

  1. “…that it’ll serve as motivation to actually carve out writing time every day” Sometimes we need, I definitely do, the motivation of a promise to others in one form or another. If no one is watching, then it is too easy to cut myself a little slack until all I have is slack.


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