Stellar and Lunar, Delayed

Hi all.

So I spent ages last week thinking up a prompt for you this week, but… I’m worn out. 

This is where I would normally sneak around the interwebs collecting links in one neat parcel for you, in between knitting and reading five ebooks. My energy right now is low. My memory is a bit patchy right now and the crook of my left elbow bruised as a bruised thing.

I’m not sick, just really tired. I’d say it’s Thursday and wrap it up neatly in a bit of pseudo-poetry, but thinking up that pretend-poetry isn’t a thing to do right now.

Therefore, I leave the star-themes, or galaxies, whatever takes your fancy, up to you. Write, draw; whatever you like. I shall return on Saturday to do the proper roundup and new prompt. 

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