The Jar: Request for Prompts

So I have nothing to do right now and my inspiration is dry. Drier than the clothes I pulled from the clothes dryer. I blame the current state of tedium on the fact that it is Saturday, and I also note the sheer lack of inspiration I seem to have on Saturdays – I recall doing this last week, too.

Actually I wrote a whole post about how weekends are not my friend, but routine is. I saved the post for a later day though because I wasn’t in the mood to keep banging on about it – it felt too Moaning Minnie.

Anyway. I have an old jar that is fairly dull right now, but will come right with a lick of paint. It used to be a savings jar, you know some freebie promo thing with Your First Bank Account. It is one million years old, but suits the purpose.

Here is the purpose: I would like to humbly ask you guys to throw me prompts. Vague ones. I want to fill the jar with ideas and prompts for a rainy day/sleepy Saturday when inspiration is low.

For the prompt: very short. Like, less than five words. I once filled a notebook with long wordy ones, and I follow several events that are multi-syllabic prompts. I’m paring things down to the basics.

You see, I’m a bit worried that all these events I do… I’m worried that they are dulling my own creative inspiration. There’s always something to lean on, something to prop me up one day or another but I also want to return to my own miscellaneous things.

So, what have you got?


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