Stellar and Lunar: Roundup 18

Ugh. Thursdays. They’re so tantalizing, the way they promise a weekend but have none of the responsibility Friday does. Thursday is a slacker of a day.

Today I was in-between outbound calls, pausing to ruminate on the things on which I ruminate. These things include, but are not limited to a) where my good copy of Edgar Allen Poe tales has gone; b) where my snuggly grey hoodie has gone and c) where various places in the country are.

The first one bugs me most. A girl just wants to read a creepy story before bed, you know?


This week on Stellar and Lunar, I challenged you guys to magic.

Yen from Little Calico’s Journal brought us a series of haikuIt’s very transitory, an enchanting way of looking at the weather and how it changes through time.

Nitin from Nitin Nair Writes brings us a mage, showcasing magic skills on stage. I took it as a bit of a reminder to not look at the how of what is done, but what is done.

Jess from masterselftherapy brought a short acrostic about the magic of psychologyThere’s also a link to an article on practicing mind control. Er, controlling the mind, that is. Don’t try it on others, kids.

Lastly, solsdottir shares a handful of myths surrounding magic and the sun. 

I’ve decided to do something a bit different this week. Break the mold. I think all these challenges have been word-based…

Your challenge for the week (17 September) is pictorial: it can be any kind of picture. Photo, sketch, painting… don’t worry if you’re not artistically inclined. 

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