Word Crush Wednesday: Lauren Bacall

I’ve done it again. That silly, silly thing where I map out a post, and then don’t write it down? That. As a result, I stared at the blinky little cursor wondering what to write.

Then I looked on a quotes site. I do that a lot, browse for inspiration. Trouble is I’m easily inspired. 

Ooh, shiny. Ooh, free eBooks. (This one is especially bad, and I can’t even frown at it because it’s an expensive habit… oh, but I do have to sync up the library on the computer. Be right back)

Stupid updates.

Where was I? Oh yes, quotes. I opened the page for Lauren Bacall. I admit I am not a film connoisseur – a lot of the time my movie picks are easy movies not films (I perceive a difference). I’m one of those people who likes to come home and curl up with mind-relaxing. Hey, I made a lot of outbound calls today.

So. I went on the quotes page and it turns out that her birthdate was today… seems as good a reason as any.

The quote, because this is the sort of thing I love:

I am not a has-been. I am a will-be.

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