Meandering Mondays

Okay. Alright. I got this.

I’m not a nervous blogger. I don’t need to pep-talk myself up before I post. I am, however, a person who runs off on tangents.

I may have said recently that I was being Sensible and Logical about my novels. I’ve been planning it out, mapping out who and what and so on. Promised myself I wouldn’t begin writing until I had coherent outlines and timelines and eyelines. Even made a blacklist of phrases to never ever use, ever. On pain of me taking away my beloved Kobo app.

(Yes, I would totally take it away from myself.)

And then I began falling down the rabbit’s hole mapping out a timeline.

I drew a timeline because I wanted to know my protagonist’s backstory. You might already know I have a brain equivalent to a hamster running on its little wheel, if that wheel was in fact a giant loop-de-loop with more loops and a few tourist attractions along the way. I think of one thing and give it ten minutes of thought and before I know it half a page is crammed with notes. And this is barely scratching the surface.

I can just hear it: You had one job. One job, Sarah.

(That’s me, reprimanding myself.)

On the bright side, it means I’m easily entertained.

Anyway. I’ve been trying to figure out specifically how to span centuries in a few novels. Initially, I planned four, and a handful of short stories or novellas. Clearly I am going to have to expand this. It’s a pet hate of mine to see some big time jumps in a story. I read a book recently, one book which spanned three years. No. Just no, as far as I am concerned.

I think I’ve only read one book which spanned multiple years, and it was done well because it wove snippets together, not everything. Like, a few months of this year, a few of that year, and it all worked because it was transitional anyway.

Somewhere in my mind is a phrase about “putting my nose to the grindstone” – actually, no. That sounds painful. Shan’t.

Work’s good. We’re sneaking up on the goal, and my contract was extended a second time. Second formal time, I should say. There was was an expected end date and a week after that I was still there, and there’s apparently a likely chance of further extension.

*sends hope into the universe*

Oh yeah, I almost forgot: I added a few new things to my Etsy store. About 90% of the problem is in taking the photos. You see, I like to make use of the natural light. Only, my work hours are such that I spend most of the daylight hours in the office. My free day hours have shrunk to the weekend and a very specific slot on Monday afternoon.

Etsy store here, if you are interested.

I’m rambling. Wordily.

Sarah out.

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