Driven Forward

So, I’m going to answer the daily prompt, but first we start with the umbrella answer. This is my general answer, the one that encompasses a hundred little details, and then I’m going to hit some of the highlights for you.

My… motivation, shall we say, for getting up every day is life.

I’ll treat this as a proper list, I think.

  • There’s my family – I’m close to my parents.
  • My writing: I write daily, in some measure. I have new ideas for things all the time, new things to put into my novel and when inspiration stops sparking ideas, will begin the next stage of mad writing.
  • Reading. I’m a huge fan of the written word, be it fiction or fanfiction or novels or poetry. Just stick a computer in front of me, make sure it has my Kobo account all loaded, and I’m good. Or give me directions to a library.
  • Crafts. There’s knitting and making jewellery, I just love doing things by hand. There’s something extra special, I think, to putting in the work yourself.
  • Music: it kills the silence and muffles the noise. I’m the type of person who shies away from a lot of aural stimulus.
  • Work. I like what I do, working as a customer service representative. I enjoy troubleshooting and giving advice.
  • Fandoms: I’m the sort who, if she likes a TV or book series, will dig very deeply into it. I will write fanfic for it, theorize about a mystery or write a fix-it fic. I will make all kinds of headcanon and when it goes sour I will leave as quietly as I arrived. (Naming no names here)

Essentially, if I didn’t get up, I would miss out on all of this.


10 thoughts on “Driven Forward”

  1. Hello Truth-teller, I always liked to check out the posts of fellow bloggers who are close to me on the wordpress board. I like many of your reasons for getting up…and share quite a few of your favorites. Blessings on your day.


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