Monday’s Musings

Today’s stream-of-consciousness is brought to you by a butterfly journal and a purse-sized perfume.

I’m definitely getting the measure of what sort of customers you get, working in a call centre. It’s a pattern I began observing a couple of weeks ago; it became a habit to amuse myself when I was on inbound calls and the phones were quiet. Of course, I then wandered off and kept observing. Kept thinking about it all.

Speaking of, a bit of good news: My employment contract with them has been extended out again, making it a total of about five weeks longer than anticipated. I think. I’ve stopped counting.

Also, I think the inspiration river on the NaNoWriMo is drying up. This is a good thing. It means that I can stop at the four novels and four short stories/novellas I have planned, at least in the planning stage. I’m still working on how exactly to outlay them, but I have rough ideas. I decided a while ago to be sensible and logical with this, it’s kind of a big undertaking. With this in mind, I’m doing all the planning and layouts and so on before I get things all written and then start tangling it all up. I do enjoy a linear plot.

What else… I’ve been intending more for the Etsy store, and find myself wishing I’d done more of a stockpile before I got a job. I’m still not quite sure about the rules regarding shipping jewellery, which is another thing to find out before I begin trying to sell anything in that area.

Ooh. I don’t know if you guys are aware, but I’ve been dipping my foot into the pool of writing fiction and poetry in German. I clawed together a haiku the other day, and today I scrabbled together a 50-word story. I don’t know if either of them make much sense, or how the grammar is… I do have a German-speaking friend-type, but I feel I’d die of embarrassment before asking her to read any of it. It’s a thing I do, where my blog is for the world to read but that world doesn’t include the people I know in real life.

(Is there anyone who knows German who would take pity on me and have a look at the haiku, maybe review it?)

I’m sure there was something else floating around my mind that I thought was clever, but if there was it’s gone because my computer is skilled at being a demon.

And the word count has shot up when I wasn’t looking, so this seems as good a place as any to end this.


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