The Writing: An Update

So… A while ago I went a bit nuts, the 50,000 words I wrote in NaNoWriMo kind of mutated. As in, I had five minutes spare and was thinking over of. I thought to myself, “what if”. I know this seems perfectly innocent a question, but in my brain it runs off and says, hey why don’t you do all this.

And this, and then these 50 other things.


Therefore, this is an update on that. At present I’ve planned and roughly outlined four novels, plus a handful of short stories that will act as interludes. I nearly have a synopsis planned, and I’m going to be breaking up that 50k to see what’s going to make up the first novel. I’ve begun figuring out the key terms that will hopefully be like, the identifying things of the series. I have an idea of cover art for the first one, am trying to figure out the logistics of creating it.

I just used the word synopsis. That makes it oddly real somehow. I am actually going to do this. I’m actually going to be sensible and figure out the logic of it all, plan, and then tear all the words apart and build them back up into something even more wonderful.

Well, you know, that’s the general idea.

Also, this update is covering my future standalones. A while back I went on a writing-plans bender, planning out approximately eight short stories. Yesterday, I began on one of them. Admittedly, my cursive reads more like the woven-in-between pieces in the story, not the beginning itself, but when I’m fitting writing into stolen five or ten minutes on breaks… Well, I’m not going to be too picky about what I write. It’s all something to build upon, not unlike how I’d write one paragraph a day of an essay or something like that.

I almost started the outline for Book 1 as well, but didn’t have the time. That’s going to come soon enough.

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